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Annual dues are to be paid by the last day of July each year, so please plan accordingly. Late fees of $5 for per day they are paid late will be assessed. Membership & budget are finalized by early August.

BEADS – For standard bead bags, three or four 3/4 full bags should be allotted for each parade, in addition to miscellaneous throws (stuffed animals, moon pies, frisbees, beach balls, fake money, cups, water bottles, etc.). NO CARDBOARD BOXES are allowed on the float. This is a CITY OF PENSACOLA rule, so do NOT bring any cardboard downtown. You will throw a LOT more than you think, and if you don't you can use it another time.  Stock up. You do not want to be standing there with nothing to throw to the crowd.

– They must be 2 oz. or smaller. NO CANDY per City regulations. We offer several items printed with our official krewe logo on them. These have been approved for distribution parade day. Some items are ideal to trade with other krewes for specialty items (logo beads, mugs, water bottles, koozies, etc.). They vary in price so check this website for pictures and prices.  T shirts and baby doll Ts are in stock. You may email or text your orders to me and I will bag them up and have them ready for early pick up BEFORE parade days.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed on the float, but will NOT be provided by the organization. All members are of legal drinking age and are allowed to bring these beverages on board on an individual basis. Personal coolers are allowed and recommended, and will be stored under the raised platforms. 

BRING FLATS, FLIP FLOPS, OR SLIPPERS to wear on the float during the parade. Movement is sometimes jerky due to stop and go, and it is easy to lose your balance when in motion, especially in high heels. No one will see your feet during the parade, so bring a more comfortable substitution.

LINEUP is always at a specific time and place for each parade.  Pensacola Mardi Gras Association urges ALL krewes to preload beads off site BEFORE lineup, which we coordinate and urge your cooperation.  Remember, NO CARDBOARD BOXES allowed on the float.  Go to for map of parade route.  Parking fills up quickly and arly so plan accordingly.  It is a longer walk back to the car after parading than it seemed from the car to the float when you first got there.  Lineup and walking through all the floats and swapping beads and goodies is half the fun, so plan to be at least an hour early each parade.  Don't miss out on the whole Mardi Gras experience.

ATTIRE for parade days is your choice - within reason.  A fedora hat is a REQUIRED part of the costume that will identify you as a Mystic Mafia Gangster Girl.  Colors, print and the rest of the costume is up to you.  Corsets are encouraged and have become a trademark for our girls.  Pinstripes are recognized gangster attire (pants, skirts, jackets, etc.).  However, keep in mind you will be leaning over the rails or sides, picking things up from the floor, and bending over, always in sight of the crowd.

COOLERS are allowed on the float.  Please share to condense float space.  Pensacola Mardi Gras Association prohibits liquor consumption on the parade route, with beer as the exception, per formal guidelines.  Please plan accordingly. 
BRING SNACKS!  This is an all day event.  You will need to eat throughout the day.  Sandwiches, wraps, snacks travel well.  Hydration is important, so bring bottled water as well. 
NO GLASS is allowed on the float or at the street party, per Pensacola Mardi Gras Association rules, so please bring cups and plan accordingly.  

PLACEMENT on the float is strictly based on seniority, with special consideration for those who volunteer for special projects.  There will be a seating chart provided via email prior to every parade day. Requests for placement with your friends will be considered and fulfilled to the best of our ability, based on participation. 

ALL INAPPROPRIATE UNDERGARMENTS should be covered at all times. If your costume includes items not planned as part of your costume (corset), please remember to layer. Clothing should fit appropriately. If you have to ask if it is acceptable, chances are it isn't, and we will let you know. Keep in mind these are family oriented events. 

NO CARDBOARD OR GLASS ON THE FLOAT per City of Pensacola guidelines and means unbox your beads at home. There is no room for discarded boxes on the float or parade route nor is it allowed by City regulations. Bead bags (From Toomey's, Sam's, or Pensacola Parade People) are most practical. They handle weight well and collapse. Write your name on each of them.

Throw candy

Touch the stereo/ipod

Get off/on the float while in motion
Share alcohol with minors
Exit any way except the back steps
Run out of throws!

NO SMOKING on or around the float.  There are many flammable items, including costumes.



SPOTTERS, based on seniority, will be walking with us on parade days. Their job is to keep kids or parade walkers from being injured from the moving vehicles. If your guy is chosen to be a spotter, remember he should wear black pants/shorts and he will need a red krewe T shirt. They are $15 each. Standard sizes S – XXL.  
COMMUNICATION is readily available. You will receive an email, text, and/or post on our private krewe FaceBook page with all notices, changes, and updates regularly. There is also updated information posted on the website. The Pensacola Mardi Gras website also has a discussion board page for all krewes on their website. Check all outlets to make sure you are in the know and don’t miss out on anything.