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Unlike many other local krewes, we are not affiliated with an official charity so we do not require members to raise money or work for our organization.  However, you will see our members participating in, donating to, and supporting fundraisers for a wide range of local charitable organizations.  This participation is by individual personal choice, and not because MM requires anyone to.  There are no required mandatory events (other than the informative meeting at the beginning of each year for our newbies) or fundraisers.  We do not require members to attend any particular events, raise donations, earn points, volunteer or serve on committees.  We are all successful, busy, socially involved women, so our krewe is strictly a social krewe.  It is a safe place to just have positive, healthy fun and nurture supportive female friendships.  We are very selective with membership.  We have a minimum age of 25 years old, we do not have a target number of members, and we prefer to stay under 60 members.  We have a very diverse group, including women from Brazil, Romania, Australia, Costa Rica, Canada, South Africa, and members who live in several different states.  Because we don't allow our members to belong to additional krewes at the same time, we have a sisterhood-like closeness only a small krewe can provide, and many friendships made here are lifelong.  

Krewe officers are as follows; April Davidson – President & Karen Fleming – Vice President.
  Other active founding members are: Chelsea Whiteside, Tracy Matthias and Georganna Gordon.  First & second year OG's also include: Angelique Smith, Melissa Freeman, Summer Carter and Wendy Odom.

Dues are paid annually by every member and are due by July 31st every year.  Dues cover several official events; the annual themed Christmas party, miscellaneous cocktails during our legendary Gangster Night Out (ask anyone in town how fun it is), the Friday night Krewe of Lafitte parade, Pensacola Grand Mardi Gras Parade (the Saturday before Mardi Gras), the Fiesta of Five Flags Parade (held in June),various casual get togethers at the House of Gangster, as well as the cost of our official photographer, Pennebaker Photography, who attends all of our major events.  Mystic Mafia is also traditionally invited to and involved in several other krewe Balls and events every year as well as co-host the killer Baller's Ball in summer.  In addition, we voluntarily meet socially for a quarterly happy hour and have various optional events such as social outings, joint events with other groups to promote unity, movie nights, road trips and even a big summer trip every year!  New York City was 2017, then Las Vegas in 2018, and 2019 will be San Francisco!

We have definitely made an impression on our city and the celebrations we attend.  We have had an amazing 12 years.  The gangster theme, in combination with our gorgeous float, fun costumes, gangster themed props, and attitude, are SO much fun!  The gangsta life with #thefamily only gets better as we develop.  It promises to be another amazing year!  #mysticmafia GANGSTA!!  #MM4L  #thefamily